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Fresh clashes between the Ankara-backed militants and a group of Kurdish militias left a number casualties on both warring sides on Saturday.
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Publish Date: 20May 2018 - 10:24

Turkey-Backed Militants, Kurds Intensify Clashes in Northwestern SyriaTEHRAN (Defapress)- The Turkey-backed militants engaged in heavy fighting with a group of the Kurdish militias in the villages of Ma'abatli region after two months of the Turkish army's rule over the region.

Also, the Turkish army's artillery units pounded the Kurdish positions in the battlefield.

A number of militants were killed or wounded on both sides, while several Kurdish militias were captured by the Ankara forces.

In the meantime, sources in Manbij region in Northern Aleppo reported that the Ankara forces have been looting people's assets and expelling them from the town of Manbij.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday that Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists who had left Eastern Ghouta after an agreement with the Syrian army were recruiting militants and occupying Brigade 135 bases in Shera region in Northeastern Afrin which was earlier under the control of Kurds with Turkey's support.

Meantime, informed sources said that Faylaq al-Rahman, commanded by Abdul Nasser Shamir, was recruiting and training the members, who were earlier stationed in Eastern Ghouta, in Afrin.

Faylaq al-Rahman pays a monthly 200-dollar salary to anyone who joins the terrorist group.

Earlier, sources had revealed that security control of Afrin was due to be transferred to Faylaq al-Rahman after a series of meetings between the Turkish officials and commanders of the terrorist group.

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