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A quarter century of Oslo Pact, "said Yasser Arafat and between the" leader Israel was signed, time passes, but with a quick look at the provisions of the Treaty that we lose the original Treaty nation of Palestine.
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Publish Date: 16May 2018 - 23:28

The death of the Oslo treatyAccording to international defapress reporter, When the events of late 1993 we have reviewed, we witness what happens at that time as the world recalls the great peace. On the lawn of the White House, the Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin time Yasser Arafat the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Bill Clinton who does not fit in your skin, euphoria, the Oslo peace treaty signed. The media at the time of the Treaty were different interpretations as "brave leaders", "prospective" and "history maker" a small corner of the testimonials. The beginning of the Oslo peace treaty negotiations with the PLO and Israeli representatives in secret in Oslo the capital of Norway, and was eventually led to the recognition of Israel by the PLO as a legal State and the recognition of Israel by the PLO as the representative of the Palestinians.

The world hoped that the Treaty last spot on war and bloodshed between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime, but with the passage of 25 years of the Treaty is still the guys this is the color of the zone of peace and harmony in your life don't. Since 1948 the Zionists to this region were nomadic, day to day on the number of Palestinians killed in the rising. This cannot be the role of the band's bold was unaware. They forced the Jews to Palestine while they were reluctant to own this migration of the Jewish religion, because that migrate to this land was forbidden.

The Jews tried to build the legend of migration to this land in the perspective of the world justified. In the year 1948 ad. 60 percent more than the Palestinian people were forced out of the country and it can be said that the first wave of displaced Palestinians. Perhaps that was an excuse to drag the Palestinians into isolation up to 41 percent of the world's Jews residing in the area.

«Fderica Muogyrini» responsible for the foreign policy of the EU towards the Oslo treaty reacted by publishing a message in Twitter and wrote: "the position of the European Union Treaty adherence to Oslo and I agree with the comments that say the Treaty is dead disagree. The only real solution to the Middle East country and the formation of solution 2, Jerusalem is the capital of each country on the basis of the border 2 67. »

Take a look at the short and transient to the Treaty we are the only loser in this agreement that the Zionist regime is the main Palestinian factions to take their basic rights and recognized regardless. Continue to overwhelm reason that several of the Palestinians rights, refers.

The nature of the Treaty is not permanent:

The agreement was set up that the leaders of the Zionist regime and Palestine enough time to build confidence and convince their own nation. At first for the 5-year credit Pact were feasible; but now that the last 25 years of the Treaty and to the nightmare of Palestinians has been disguised. In the same paragraph or article in hand, no contract exists with this topic.

Having no restrictions on settlements:

At first the Palestinian negotiators were trying in this Treaty, making the town the Zionist regime in a five-year period to suspend come out; but this has failed. It is now over a quarter century of these negotiations, the Zionists every time and location where they will build a ghetto. Now these towns for mushroom species in the occupied territories will grow.

The main loser of the Treaty were Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian Liberation Organization while kinetic students come mainly from the refugees themselves knew that in order to maintain the interests of the refugees has been established. In the agreement to the refugees as a permanent issue points out that as the resolution 194 of the United Nations, there is no framework or the original reference.
Economic relations:

The Protocols originated in Oslo, for Israeli economy and technology to the amazement of the business for this regime. The entry of the goods into the Zionist regime continues to control the Palestinian territories, and of the goods that will be sent to Palestine, customs duties. Also on the market's turbulent Palestinian producers, their products continue to benefit from the approximate monopoly.

Import and export restrictions:
In the Treaty a permanent presence for the Palestinian police Oslo regulations at all border crossings had been considered, but the Zionist regime after the second intifada in October 2000, this regulation will violate and create hundreds of inspection points that have survived until today. While the Zionist regime, the obligation on the return to the situation before the year 2000 is to have, but so far it has not acted to their obligations.


Water shortage on the one hand and do not allow Israel to the Palestinians to that of the well in terms of having a very rich underground water, severe water shortage in these areas has been leading this issue in the absence of that happens the Zionist regime, the values of the frequency of these settlements provide subsidized water Put your.


No mention of the Oslo treaty in retaining wall between the Palestinian and Zionist regime. The purpose of the construction of this wall was Zionist interests of Israel and the Jewish settlements to protect and strengthen the borders of Jerusalem to be applicable. Meanwhile, the Palestinians, for the sake of the construction of this wall of Zionists in the Hague Court, but Israel has so far sued under the burden of the Court based on the illegal wall and did not have to displacement.

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