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The US president lacks the required political experience, Tehran's Friday Prayers leader said noting that Washington should never be trusted.
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Publish Date: 27April 2018 - 20:02

Senior cleric: US president politically inexperiencedTEHRAN-'The enemy is not going to become your friend, unless you deviate from your principles,' Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabifard said in his Friday prayers sermons.

'It seems that the US president lacks the needed political experience and he has not sought consultations from advisors,' the cleric said.

'He had better heed the short but meaningful hint from the French President [Emmanuel Macron],' he said.

'He advised the US Congress not to make the same mistakes their predecessors committed in dealing with Iran,' the Friday prayers leader said.

'The message is that we have strongly resisted the US over the past four decades, and have overcome the regional arrogance and mercenaries equipped with petrodollars as well as chemical and conventional arms,' Aboutorabifard said.

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