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French president called for saving Iran nuclear deal, known also as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was reached between the Islamic Republic and world powers in 2015.
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Publish Date: 23April 2018 - 22:15

French president calls for saving Iran nuclear dealTehran(Defapress)  – President Emmanuel Macron, who will visit the US later this week, made the comments on Sunday in an interview with Fox News.

'Is this agreement perfect and this JCPOA a perfect thing for our relationship with Iran? No. But for nuclear - what do you have? As a better option? I don't see it,' Macron said.

'What is the plan B?' Macron asked in reference to the Iran nuclear deal.

'Let's preserve this framework [rather] than some sort of North Korean type of situation,' he added.

IAEA has for many times confirmed the peaceful nature of the Islamic Republic nuclear program.

Trump, who has called the JCPOA the 'worst deal in history', has said he will scrap the nuclear deal unless 'a better option' is presented to him in May, when a deadline on renewing the deal will pass.

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