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Sayed Hassan Nasrallah announced:
Hezbollah's secretary-general said: the recent meeting between Syria and Saudi Arabia has been made, in which the Saudis have promised that if Syria abandons Iran and the resistance, then Saudi Arabia is willing to compensate it in any way.
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Publish Date: 28March 2018 - 01:39

The promise of the Saudis to Syria in exchange for the resignation of Iran and IranAccording to Defapress international reporter: Hezbollah secretary general Sayed Hassan Nasrallah revealed that newly a Saudi-Syrian visit took place at a high level (in a place where no name was given) and the Saudis had offered Syrians to do so, their relations with Iran and to stop the resistance to stopping financial provision from the terrorists in Syria, as well as billions of dollars in aid to rebuild the country.

According to Al-Akhbar, Nasrallah added: "The proposal was made twice throughout the time of Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the former king of Saudi Arabia, and also" Salman bin Abdul Aziz ", the present king of the country, which suggests that the principle of" Giving resistance ".

Hezbollah's power has become stronger today, which means it will be more targeted, the United States today believes Hezbollah impends its entire project in the area, we have a set of victories that impend the United States and its allies. This is why Saudi Arabia and (Gulf States) are intervening with unbelievable facilities, filthy tools and high media power.

The Hezbollah secretary general went on to state that Americans and Saudis intervene in the Lebanese parliamentary elections to goal resistance.

He also noted the capture of Saad al-Hariri in Saudi Arabia, saying that Saudis tried to soften the Lebanese government by arresting Saad al-Hariri and forcing him to leave because they wanted to eject Hezbollah from the government; if the power to push the country towards war They would have done it internally; the Saudi project pushed the government into a conflict with resistance.

Nasrallah said: the contribution of Hezbollah allied ministers in the government is in sustenance of this movement. He added: Before 2005, Syria had an assurance of non-conflict (Hezbollah) with the government (Lebanon), and we did not need to be present, but after 2005 we arrived the government in support of resistance, because some of the parties (in the Lebanese government) Toward the use of their facilities to target resistance, the accuracy of this statement in 2006 (33-day war) was cleared when our fight within the government was much more penetrating than our combat on the military front.

Nasrallah, the Hezbollah coalition, called the future governmental elections (May 97) a supra-tactical measurement with faith and confidence, adding, "We will be entering the election safely."

He went on to pay attention to Yemen and said: In spite of the heavy weight of the American attack on Yemen, the Yemeni people have achieved marvelous gains.

Nasrallah called for comparing the Yemeni aptitude today with 3 years ago, when the country was circuitously occupied by Saudi Arabia, saying that the clash of 7 Yemeni rockets in Riyadh is a huge military achievement.

The missiles were excited at Saudi Arabia on Sunday (two days ago) and the Saudi loyalist's system failed to track and board them.

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