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Martyr Ghanbari's wife in a conversation with defapress:
Zahra Sadat Seyedin, the wife of the martyr, "Ahmad Ghanbari, said:" I asked God if my marriage to Mr Ahmad causes more association with him, this is the union that God heard me and attained me this deservedly.
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Epic and Jihad Defapress group: Lost His Loved ones. Lately, his wife, Ahmed Ghanbari, was martyred, but the will of God was to sit down and see only his son Hussein sadness. There is a covert of life in which each of us finds the corners of it, and perhaps the discovery of those secrets that makes strange scenarios in the lives of some people.

"Zahra Sadat Seyedin, a martyr’s wife about Ahmad's martyrdom, and the death of her son, Hossein, said:" Sometimes God examines a person to see how strong his assurances are. I lost my beloved, but this was a heavenly prayer, and I also bowed down to it ... " When I was spoke with martyr’s wife, I was inclined to talk about the martyr, but there was nothing to do with the words of the martyr "Hussein", which Ms. Sayedin later said to herself for her husband and son:

The martyr's conclusion to marry was more connected to God

My associate and marriage, Mr. Ahmad, took place through their aunt and quite traditional. My criteria for choosing the future wife of faith, the ethics and honesty of the other side was that had these three significant criteria, Mr. Ahmad. On the other hand, he also had three petitions for me to live: keeping the veil in its authentic and real sense, and also that his wife is a courteous and imam hussaini pure. Mr. Ahmad pointed out that he had waited several times, but this asks for that his wife should be a member of his allocation was not established. Having heard this situation, I made sure that this familiarity was not unresponsive. When I heard Mr. Ahmad’s third appeal, I realized that he was the one I always ask God for. Mr. Ahmad told me at the same meeting that I want to go to God with my wife and become a goddess.

Mr. Ahmad was born in 1980 years. In the evening of the birthday of Imam Reza (AS), we were looking for our relationships before the marriage. I, who forever had a special attention in prayer in the hardships and afflictions, once again resorted to the Lord in this prayer and I asked him to please me if this marriage foresaw me to Allah Almighty, this marriage takes place. That God heard my voice that night, and made me so commendable.

I want to be martyred by my job

On the anniversary of the marriage of Hazrat Zahra (SA) and Amir al-Mu'minin (AS) we became married, Ahmed Aha's wish was martyrdom in the way of Allah and he only once talked to me about that I would love to work with me because God gives me the right to martyrdom in his own way. Mr. Ahmed was a pilot of high-speed airplanes and was active as an active military officer as an agent for military organizations. Their work was such that I was always worried about his return, and whenever I wanted to go to work, I was doing his salavat and charity.

The words of Mr. Ahmed appeared in our common life. He really loved Imam Hussein (AS) and the staff. He tried to go to Karbala at any time an occasion arises. A friendly and concerned wife, and she left me nothing next to her delegation.

The dear martyr was very patient and persevering and tireless. So that, until the time of the martyrdom, he did not even have a word of exhaustion and need to rest, He was thinking of others and could not do something good. He did the work genuinely and for the sake of God. It hated hating and lying, and once I did not see them talking about someone. Actually, Ahmad's life was on the way to Hosseini, which in the end ended up in a way too late. Morning March 25, 2011 my wife left her house for the last time and never returned. That day, I was talking to my mother with a phone call and I heard that Mr. Ahmad had left the house. I ran I opened the door and did not return to my voice. The same day, a few minutes after the afternoon, the plane crashed and martyred during a state assignment.

Ya Zahra said and martyred


His generation said they only heard the word "Ya zahra" from the back of the radio, and then the plane landed, and my wife came to a martyr that her body was completely burnt. I just talked to him about the night he was going to make a farewell morning. In Sheikh Ja'far Mojtahedi, in the book "In the Presence of the Lahavitan", I read that if he does not show love to a beloved, his love is not true. With this type of testimony, I understand that if you are in love with Imam Hussein (AS), it will be a blight to you to taste a segment of the tragedies of the Ahlul-Bayt (AS), even though it is not possible for us to blame the tragedy of that day in Karbala.

Throughout my wife's life, my son, Hossein, was only eight months old. Mr. Ahmed loved so much Hussein. Most of her time was left for her son. He used to kiss his child's face when he went to work and hug him a little. Our son quickly started talking, and at the age of six mouths, said "father". After the martyrdom of Mr. Ahmad I told myself that the child soon opened the language so that Baba would not be sorry hearing his father's heart.

Our son was born on the second half of Shaban in the year2011. Anyone who met would say why you did not choose the name of Mahdi. Mr. Ahmad replied: "We call him housein when we call Zahra(SA) answer us from sky.

Daddy got on the plane he fell down and went to the sky

My belief and conviction is that my son at the same age had the information of his martyred father. Although she was eight months old at the time of her martyrdom, she felt she had a chance to happen to her father. When he was one year old, the kid said without saying anything to him Daddy got on the plane he fell down and went to the sky, “Later, the bigger the loneliness and his father's absence in various forms.

Except for the nervous pressures Hossein suffered because of his father's absence, he it seems that did not have any physical problems. In August 95, when I took my six-year-old vaccine, they said they might be feverish. I also said that this kid is totally healthy and cannot be. Then we went to Babylon wedding of one of my wife's relations. There, the baby was feverish and bad. We were hospitalized and found to have a blood cancer with an easy blood test. We transferred to Tehran, and his doctor said that the child had tolerates a lot of mental stress. maybe one reason for her illness was the same psychological pressure.

I'm tired of doctors/I miss my father

Hossein was hospitalization in early September of 2017, and died at 11am on January 30, same year. During this time, I just left her from the hospital for a month and went to Karbala together. Before that, I took him to the spiritual delegation to receive his prayers from Mr. Aba'-abdollah (AS). During this time, Hossein sometimes dreams about what he had seen about his father, but I did not do anything about it. After he returned from Karbala and was hospitalized again, his condition was very cruel. Immediately in the "p I c u" section of the section of the Isolated Room they settled. During the complete period of Hussein's stay, I photographed a picture of Bani-al-Haramin, a picture of his father and a picture of the shrine of Mr. Imam Reza (AS) above his head on the wall to allow him to come to conditions with his father's beliefs. What never happened to her with death, the same day that Hussein's condition had deteriorated, I asked to open the window. I opened and said to the sky, "O God, I'm tired of people. I'm tired of doctors. I'm tired of everything. I miss my dad, it's too late. God, I love your hug. "Hussain, a few days after this, went to his martyr fathere.

I have understood that many people, when they believe themselves loyal to the people of the Beat, are in a state of relationships. Sometimes God will try to see how hard he is in his beliefs. The month of Muharram in 1995 brought Hussein to all the districts of my neighborhood and I certain that he would be healed. though, this did not happen. But my beliefs in the family were not supposed to go up and down with these things. I learned from Ahmad al-Aqq that he should at all times love the Ahl al-Bayt (AS). Now, God wants to give my exam this way, and I also say the same word to Mrs. Zaynab (S) that I saw nothing but beauty. I now understand the meaning of many gems. I understand that what you mean by Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Ali Asghar (AS). With the loss of my dearest, I was able to somehow understand the pestilences and difficulties of the Imams (AS).

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