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The accomplishment of space technology knowledge is one of the accomplishment of our country in latest years, and in spite of the truth that there is a long gap with the world's 50 the anniversary space industry, Iran has succeeded in the full variety of settlement technology between 9 countries.
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Iran's Successes in Space Technology KnowledgeThe Defensive and Security Group of DefaPress,The development of space technology and satellite communications, remote sensing, space transportation and launch on the one hand and the development of human resources, appropriate infrastructure and ground stations to direct and control the satellites on the other hand, the centerpiece of Iran's space agency activities; of course this organization a implemented resolutions of the Supreme Council A space that a decision about the peaceful use of space in the country.

This is while acquiring knowledge of space technology is one of the accomplishments of our country in recent years and even with 50-year-old with a large gap of space industry of the world, Iran has been successful in the midst of the country's nine full cycle rather than the owner of the satellite technology.

The advantage of space technology in providing services to different parts of the country in a way that is quite evident, in addition to the use of this technology application in the management of the crisis, the challenges of the environment and the occurrence of natural disasters, and the space and space technology in the management of other potential crises, the country also has its role; When you update each of these occurrences, space satellites can be the best possible and work with pictures such as the preparation of a comprehensive, secure communications, etc. The crisis management easier.

On the other hand the occurrence of space communications technology of the Earth's surface can fill the communication gap and the process of assistance and services to give people accelerating; therefore, according to the particular importance to space technology and the application of technology to ease the lives of the people of the Islamic Republic, upstream documentation OBO Iran in recent years, pay special attention to this sector.


For example, in the sixth development plan directives communicated policies of the Supreme Leader, the subject of the increasing penetration of space technology as one of the industrial strategy in the advanced technology and on the development of space technology with the design and build, test, launch and operation of space systems and maintain and exploit A maximum of points of orientation, the emphasis is.

The measures taken for the realization of these targets suggests that an Iranian satellite in orbit with the Earth and successfully deployed an astronaut into space, as large a part in the country's aerospace development objectives has been attained in a way that, in addition to joining space Club in the world, Iran can now design, SA Khte, launch, guiding and controlling the satellite alone and is the ninth country in the world is that this cycle has been fully implemented; on the other hand with our existing space to live dispatch, the sixth country in the world in the success section.

The Iranian space projectile. The first Iranian rocket for meteorological and scientific studies as well as share the current GPS positioning devices in April, 1355 was launched, but now Iran has orbital space launch technology and is in a way that on 15 February 1386 space satellite on the rocket won"to fly to space; in the meantime, some Western sources believe the Ambassador" to throw ", a species of Shahab-3 missile to change the name of" Meteor "space projectile.

After that, any other of the rocket evolved to launch satellite "OMID" into orbit the Earth on February 1387 and thirtieth anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution on the was used and then the satellite Mesbah (joint cooperation of Iran and Italy), Mesbah-2 satellite " Venus» (joint cooperation of Iran and Russia) n. یز to launch into space was planned and executed.

The launch of. On 6 March, 1375, the Iranian space agency space, a projectile in a flight test. This is a cargo carrier rocket in the cloud that was to be shared by the Ministry of science and the Ministry of defense was designed and built.

The rocket went up to 150 km altitude above ground and then according to the preset program, landed to Earth by parachute.

But 10 years later, i.e. on 15 February 1386, the Iranian Space Agency is the first species of rocket Lander-1 with the name "Ambassador" with the success of the launch and its second space flight form. The Ambassador of Iran's space rocket new anymore, and was launched with this successful launch, Iran, a step to launch satellites into orbit of the Earth.

Send the organism. February 1388, Iranian Space Agency probe-3 along with a couple of beast includes a rat, two turtles and worms into space and returned to Earth alive; in fact, this Iranian Space Agency is its ability to test something like this in the future.

After this date, namely a year later on 24 February 1389, the Iranian Space Agency is once again another browser called browser-4 that the carrier was vital to the space capsule and the Iran Space Agency again in February 1391 other pioneer browser, along with a monkey «rose» in the name of "sunshine" Success for 20 minutes to a height of 120 kilometers from the Earth and it's healthy.

Iran's space centers. Iran's main space base spatial database of Imam Khomeini (RA), Semnan, is located 80 km South-East of Semnan. This site on 15 February 1386 with the presence of the President of the time, and some government officials.

Alborz Space Center which is one of the main centers for receiving satellite data of the country is located in Alborz province.

A second base near the city of Qom in Iran rocket launch. The first rocket launch from a missile base, Qom, hoasong – 3 in the path of a projectile (ballistic) in May 1990. On 11 November 1385 and exercise the greater Prophet 2, several Iranian missile vessels including Shahab-2, Shahab-3, 110-conquest and zlesal missiles were fired from the Center.

Any space Research Institute of Iran, in line with its mission and tasks in the country's space technology development and create the necessary infrastructure, 43 space project to run the updated project terminated and its 24 19 project under construction.

In this regard, the telecommunications satellite project Venus 2, PARS 1 satellite orbital transfer on this block and Institute for basic design that has been under construction to completed and at the stage of making the model of systems engineering.

Three Iranian satellite launch in turn. And finally; against what the Minister announced, our communications are subject to the coordination of the satellite with the internal pertabgr or using international capacities as faster in the ground circuit in addition to the two other academic as well as satellite remote sensing satellites that are, de D the final route to launch.

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