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Velayati Student Support Conference on Palestinian Intifada:
"If the measures of the Supreme Leader and the efforts of Soleimani were not about the Israelis, they were near at our borders,"
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Publish Date: 02February 2018 - 18:17

If the Supreme Leader did not have measures, the Israelis were on our borders / Iran's presence in the West Asia area was usualAccording to international reporter of DefaPress: international Advisor to the provincial leader of the Student Conference in support of the Palestinian intifada stated: some of the ignorance and the means at hand are mercenaries and they are money that Holy ideals against the Islamic Republic of Iran speak; The head giving the slogan not Gaza, not Lebanon, showing lack of understanding of the political world and regional developments, theorems.

He said: unless the West Asian region that would be four-way is geopolitics, life events, and compared to these developments was indifferent? Everyone in the world series is in the midst of sarha, wants footprint in the region of Western Asia for themselves. The West Asia region, the heart of the Islamic world developments pulsar.

International consultant leader reiterated: unless our borders are to be set aside towards the occupying regime of Quds flag being raised indifferent?

He stressed that if the Council leader and the efforts of g eneral soleimani, the Israelis on our borders were closed ranks, added: "is it possible that in orumieh, Hamedan, Kermanshah, and.

That's life at 10 kilometers from where Israeli tanks!

Noted provincial: people and our youth are the driving engine of our society, the revolution, and defend the Holy Shrine is the result of our young movement.

turning around a member of the expediency discernment Council and the futurism leader in Iran and said the secrets much to boost Lebanon's Hezbollah proud because the Hezbollah turned into a party that fears of the Israeli party. Iran boasted that the Muslims against the American Zionists who actually are.

He stressing that Iran throughout the history of civilization, in the field of culture has been the standard-bearer of the Jihad, said today the cornerstone of Americans in the region is that the countries in the region breaks down. Regional breakdown with the plan. The Americans were successful in Iraq in Syria also will not be successful.

He noted: some say we should not eat berjam shake, some also say that the berjam should be completed. Who says berjam shouldn't eat, shake claims that Iran's missile power should be limited! The French are that we say we should not have a presence in the region.

Although the Iranian nation with the provincial express historically dominated by the aliens have shunned, said: as the first letter of most countries in the region and will also in the future.

He said the Americans were not as successful in Iraq, Syria's analysis also could not be parsed. The Americans have been here in the East of the Euphrates dry go out with their feet or with cervical.

More provincial added: Palestine belongs to Palestinians is not only for Palestine, the first qibla of Muslims and the heart of the Islamic world and Muslims up to the foot of the John will defend it.

International Affairs Advisor to the Supreme Leader, with the emphasis on life in Afghanistan, continue to do daesh noted: our presence in the region is an agentab affair; our presence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine to invite the Government of these countries. If we are to help reform, humanitarian assistance. Pakistan are to know if more than remain in Yemen, Yemen, Arabia to Vietnam will become.

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