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DefaPress reports;
The Egyptian revolution began after the Tunisian Revolution, and after a long rise it finally came to an end on January 25th.
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Publish Date: 30January 2018 - 14:50

The Egyptian Revolution; from the overthrow of Mubarak to a military coup against MorsiAccording to international reporter of Defapress:

was the first country where its people against the rule of the dictator of the uprising and resurrection key area of this country, Tunisia. The Tunisian uprising after the fire in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain as well as flaming the uprisings were based on Islam and the realization of the aspirations of the people. Some of the main field analysts update the uprisings in the Arab Islamic Awakening movement folks know that secularism and the Islamic nature of the anti-imperialism with.

Egypt is the most important from the perspective of political countries in the Arab world, which has always been intimately relationship between Islamic groups, the Government and the country's army. After the first world war under the British status in Egypt and ended the country's constitutional system was to become the Royal. In the year 1331, with the help and cooperation of the General noble Muslim Brotherhood took the Affairs of the country system and it is declared Republic.

The ideology of Arab nationalism that was the regime tried to suppress the Islamic-oriented movements. However, failed to reach their goal of attaining a day 5 February 1389 tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Egypt. The presence of the full color of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic slogan of people led to this component of the specifications being the Islamic uprisings.

Thus, the people's movement was dubbed the "Egyptian Islamic awakening" that kind of political, economic, intellectual independence in the shadow of Islamic ideology. Three days later, i.e. on 8 February (Friday, anger) people in Tahrir square, Cairo, and "rally" against the dictator President Hosni Mubarak slogan, some lost their lives (95 ton) and some of the injured were also the result of a popular uprising to topple the Mubarak.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest Islamic party was the party-minded after Hosni Mubarak was able to take power. "Freedom and justice" party affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, "Mohammad mercy as the candidate that the candidate introduced himself was able to vote. M. mercy on 12 July 1392 after a few months due to political unrest in the country and overwhelmed by the military coup d ' état was dismissed.

Foaz jergs General Manager of Middle East Studies at the London School of Economics and the uprising of the people of Egypt's hit a big shock in the midst of the leaders of the Arab countries and stressed: to remember that the usual happy face a political authoritarianism in the Arab world, he was the most dreaded has one of the security devices More than 5 million personnel. The withdrawal of security forces from the Presidential Palace of Hosni Mubarak is a huge shock among the Arab leaders created; anyone apart from being poor, only or was at the time the corners and feel the power of life.

The resurrection of the Egyptian people. The Egyptian revolution inspired by the Tunisian revolution began, and the folks at to protest torture, poverty and corruption in the society and overthrow Hosni Mubarak, unemployment, the abolition of the law of the extraordinary circumstances, requests for wage increases and an end to violence and the formation of a popular Government. Generally, the three major groups of people in a popular uprising, Egypt participated: liberal youth movement that often had the organizing demonstrations, II: the third movement of workers and also the party of the Muslim Brotherhood that was partisan towards other groups of better coherence. Choosing Mohammad mercy as the first President of Egypt, after the rebellion of the people, a lot of time during the military coup against him because soon led to the military affairs in the hands of the helm and Tin and ghma are some of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the activity of this group was banned and the military party terrorist group The introduction of.

After the military coup d ' état of the above laws called "order" in the formulation of these rules, any compromise on the structure and the sculpture of the army could not be imported; according to this law the Islamic-oriented forces in Parliament that 73 percent of the seats in Parliament were purged, the main candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood rejected Jurisdiction and political power and popular mobilization against wow.

Former Defense Minister General alsisi here for the 2014 presidential election candidate in Egypt and was able to achieve the presidency; he had said explicitly that if victorious in the elections will be of the Muslim Brotherhood group and key power of the Islamists will stand.

Al sisi the relationship with Saudi Arabia was warm; after the Presidential post, to accolades from the Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and to the effective role of time in the overthrow of the Mohammad Marsa is the first elected President after the fall of Hosni Mubarak admitted.

West Asia regional developments, the outcome was different, in some countries led to the fall of the ruling regime and some other political reform was limited to merely because the country lacks the necessary political infrastructure. Factors, such as the involvement of alien powers, lack of flexibility of the tolerance of the active groups, and due to the rise of authoritarianism and deviation of dragging their failure. Among these powerful countries policy at the beginning of the uprising, his ally and preserving the regime is forcing the leaders of this country to do some political reform was to reduce the protests. If you continue to protest its support of autocratic regimes that engaged in the case of Egypt Hosni Mubarak supporting continued by them and if the overthrow of the dictatorial regime, they try to manage the protests were to somehow be involved in the formation of the new Government so that his interest in it Countries.

Visit the recently (8 June, 2017) alsisi with the General abdaftah trump the President, on a trip to Saudi Arabia confirms that matter, however, he is a powerful man to Trump Egypt and a wonderful person, and she will be addressed and the New York Times said regimes, such as Egypt and Bahrain believe that Sbzgrafth of Trump led to repression under the banner of the fight against terrorism to the opposition and to use this for is also of concern from the United States.

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