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Promoting the regional status of Iran in the Middle East has led the United States to take steps to isolate Iran with Islamophobia, and especially Iran.
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Publish Date: 10January 2018 - 21:23

According to international reporter of DefaPerss:  the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after World War II to prevent the expansion of the Soviet Union and deal with it in 1949 between the Governments of the UK, France (the Treaty was out of the country later), Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the United States totaling 12 countries established that in later years the number of members to 28 countries. The purpose of the Treaty that the Treaty was considered some kind of Defense, securing the جمعیِ of each of the members (the application of military force) in the event of an attack on one of the members of the Treaty. It is also anticipated that in order for economic cooperation between the Member States in the Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The United States as one of the most important and powerful members in the Treaty it has a decisive role in NATO's security structure. The current approach in the Treaty the development of NATO territory in the Middle East is that this program through the deal with the increasing power of Iran in the region, the Arab-Israeli normalization, and American interests and its allies in the region will be tracking, as American influence his domination and hereby in the area.

Iranophobia is an American weapon for isolate Iran/ what is the Washington goal development of NATO in the Middle East?

The aim of the development of NATO in the Middle East. It seems the United States several goals of the development of NATO in the Middle East, which include: increasing the scope of international power and influence and American superiority in the area, the security factor increases the Member States in order to combat non-member countries, the easy availability of energy resources, oil, and lines/ It (the area of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea areas of petroleum in the world that are important to the United States and its allies need to him), the management challenges of the region so that not only do harm to the interests of this country in the region not to enter, but expensive military sales market in the area of economic shortcomings This country will compensate somewhat.

One of the goals of the NATO allies in the region, Iran and isolate it, and upgrading the position of Iran in the Middle East region after the fall of the Baath regime and the Taliban, and Iran's willingness to challenge the United States in the region about changes in the quality of the distribution of power and the values prevailing in the international system, causes It is up to the United States with the US, especially Islamophobia Iran phobia of Iran's isolation in the direction of the pension steps. In this regard, the country with the creation of fear among Arab countries to enter NATO in the region, the Arab countries under the pretext of supporting up to a friend and ask them to support these countries to deal with the Iranian threat, the substrate for the flaw in the area.

Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an Alliance of Defense composed of European countries and the United States and Canada, and its main purpose is to deal with international threats, its existence in the region in harnessing these threats with security interests the Member States especially in the conflict, which can be found on the security interests of powerful countries of the region such as Iran have negative consequences.

In General, the presence of NATO and expand the Organization in the Middle East in order to increase American hegemony in the region and the Middle East and weakening regional powers including Iran, thus forming the interests of members of the Treaty be preserved, especially the United States and a threat in the region, especially against United's friends Israel does not exist.

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