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The beginning of turbulence from small cities is a way that has already been experienced in Syria, and to a large gamut it has yielded results for its designers; therefore, in order to repeat that experience, the distortions in the small cities of our country have been key.
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Repeat the scenario of the extermination of the Syrian regime in IranDefensive and Security Group of DefaPress: Rahim Mohammadi; When some people organized Demonstration on the streets of Tehran on the pretext of cheating in the elections, the enemies of the regime and the nation also waved at these protests by demolishing public and private property and by invading people, but due to the people's alertness And that Iran is not just Tehran, despite the fact that their violent actions lasted eight months, they did not have an outcome.

Hence, with the experience of failing to overthrow the regime in 2009, this time they used a different way, starting to begin the violent acts from small cities, and then gradually extending it to major cities.
This was the way that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution tried it in other countries like Syria, and somehow achieved their favorable result; therefore, enemies with this background were forced to once again use such a way their luck Try it out.

So, with the help of the people who have seen training for such occasions, they began their destructive actions, which were observed in some small towns in the provinces of Khuzestan, Isfahan, Lorestan, and others; of course, people in these cities Leading disturbances and destroying public and private property are those who are not natives of these cities; because they use non-native speakers to either not identify them or at least detect them late.

All of the disturbing measures show that the enemy to overthrow this system has always developed a number of plans in the minds of their designers, but they could once again put our nation into exploitation, while they have not yet realized, the Iranian nation in terms of understanding the enemy's positions and hostilities with other Nations are different.

Although they were able to subversion the government in Syria using this method in the country, the nation during these four decades has shown that they support the regime in the mountains and refuse to sacrifice their lives and property for the sake of the Islamic revolution. Do not have

On the other hand, the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in recent disorderliness, have been forced to use the cyberspace to shake off the turmoil of the turmoil, including the creation of a "national demonstration"; more than 70% of those who The caretakers are hot people who live in Saudi Arabia, the Zionist regime, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

The nation must always be vigilant in our scene, because the Hostility enemies take on new colors every day and must test each day against their harder tests.

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