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Martyr Kazemi ordered the warriors to bring the body of Majid back. When Abbotrabbi placed two knees on the ground and kissed his bloodthirsty kiss on the body of the martyr Sajdeh Sugar, when he placed the face of Majid in front of his father.
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EPIC and Jihad Group of  defapress: "Majid abutorabi» in a family of educated eyes. Amid the revolution on the side of his father Mohammad Ali, the revolutionary activities. 57 in late for them a safe place to was wounded. Therefore the year 1976 of them "home ablaze. With begin of the war that was imposed by his father hazgh practitioners, along with martyr Ahmad Kazemi Najaf Division and embarks on operational areas. Majid late 60 before the fath al mobin operations, after hearing the statements of the Imam that Rachel youth fronts full front, way. His third dispatch coincides with the beginning of operation Ramadan. In its operations, the Division of emergency responsibilities abutorabi deceased.

A few days after playing the operation Ramadan Marsh, Majid was martyred. Martyr Kazemi was ordered to turn the Wei forces back. When the giant quietly targeted against his father, Majid, Dr. abutorabi kneeling on the ground and cut his son's throat on the kiss and ran next to the giant sugar to prostration of a martyr.

the adventure of a revolutionary father who kisses on throat cut of his son

 Mohammad abutorabi martyr father quietly, "Majid abutorabi» and of sacred defense, healthPioneers11 December 2017 in najafabad County compliance right invitation said. He's the physician self-sacrificing, committed, insightful and specialized knowledge learned general surgery the University of Isfahan.

Testamentary martyr "more Majid abutorabi» can read:

"O God of death that you want in the way of me getting killed yourself under the banner of thy with doshmanant and you put like that I get killed by the enemies and the enemies of the Prophet.

O God, you who like many sins that I committed, located about forgiveness. Your knowledge and I also baralha confess that I have sinned so much from you that Rahman and my sins like Rahimi which has a forgive me from this world that death and swing me what zlat profits. O God, you want huge fose on me when the rest of the significant testimony about Amnesty and placed rahmettt. ' Now that you've seen it in Reza that go to the front of my begzar, you are satisfied and pleased and humble me this humble servant of servants, powerless and put khalest in the number ten. O God, you'd have to do that from my look at this body adelt unable to endure hard and does not have the criminal sins but you want me rahmett from Earth.

This will make the write up future generations do not deem that for the post office and went to the front, or reputation, but only for the sake of God and Islam, Reza and preserve the velayat-e Faqih that the task was possible, based on the contribution of Islam. Today the Islamic revolution there and the need for blood this blood with minimal blood in front of the greatness of the martyrs of Islam is very minimal. Our martyrs to preserve the velayat-e Faqih John.

Note that it is up to as long as that of the velayat-e Faqih and Islam and Imam's line to follow, there is never a failure. But I have a friend will; if whatever you have been guiding my life, anyway you the next generation of the Islamic revolution and the revolution  need to be efficient and active youth is, therefore, always put your craft and the piety of the velayat-e Faqih. Try free thought and intellectual content and its false character to do that will perish. With the air campaign that the ego is Jihad Akbar. Of slander and lies away, and diligent in doing Practice and orders of Islam. The Islamic Association of groups. And show initiative and don't make yourself to your talent.

Baby's parents know that you bother me and pulled a lot of injuries. I've very ashamed on you in advance but the issue of preserving Islam and the Koran and obey the leadership. So that your child must be in the way of Islam to be sacrificed.

Try saber and salar for martyrs and the oppressed on Imam Hussain (AS) cry and pray to God and I am also seeking forgiveness and mercy. The Lord also said, along with dignity and reward patienceThanks»

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