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Nasrallah soldiers in defense of All-Allah,
Martyr Sayed Mustafa badreddin Al extended its influence and presence in the battle front with arrogance in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Yemen was able to serve the Islamic resistance in Lebanon of international struggles with zionism and its allies and mercenaries.
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According to defapress, Syed Mustafa was one of the first people in the area "khldeh" in the South of Beirut, with Imad mughniyah, Lebanese Samir motot and other Mujahedeen youth in this area, in front of the Zionist military advance.


A year after the battle of khldeh, Seyed Mostafa traveled to Kuwait and charged with trying to destroy targets belonging to the United States and France, were arrested and tried. 7 years after the arrest, and in 1990, after Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, was able to escape from prison and, through Iran, to Lebanon.

As one of the senior commanders of the Islamic resistance (with the name "" Syed Zulfiqar») from the beginning of the Decade of 90 ad, however, was able to complete the Zionist enemy on the nobility, while in the occupied areas, plays an important role in the victory of the Islamic resistance in two purification account "war" (1993) and "clusters of rage" (1996)



He Islamic resistance operations in the, played an important role played and then, as a senior security Commander martyr Imad mughniyah after Islamic resistance, spy network hard the Zionist regime in Lebanon.


He is on the side of an old friend, brother and his wife "hmarzm martyr Imad mughniyah, the army was able to defeat the Zionist regime. After the assassination of martyr Imad mughniyah in Damascus in February 2008 (February 1386) was the successor to the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and guided him in.



3 years later and with the beginning of the crisis in Syria, guiding the Islamic resistance forces in this country, to avoid the threat and damage of religious sanctities, particularly the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) were a way to make dinner.


He directs and win a lot of Islamic resistance operations in the territory of Syria and Iraq to help شعبی hashd forces, the most important role played up that day in 2016 may 10 (20 may, 1395) in the artillery attack تکفیری terrorists to Islamic resistance forces around the airport Damascus international grade a sublime testimony was achieved.

Fatima Sayed Mustafa badreddin Al-Shahid wife fight "in an interview with the international press defence correspondent, to express the untold details of the life of the martyr that description it is the view of the workplace.


Query: Defense for us about the role of women in the resistance movement and bred resistant generation.


As you know, Lebanon since 1982 are widely used with the Zionist regime entered the war. From that time until today, Lebanese women in all the struggles of the men of the land against the Zionist invaders, a partner and had to share.


An important part of this was related to the accompaniment of the Lebanese women ایثارگری that sent their children to the field on the way to the dignity of Islam and the power of it and fired the enemy aggressor of the Lebanese territory to achieve martyrdom. We see women in Lebanon, some of them have reached to the martyrdom of psrshan, 3 but still want your boys as well on the way to another battle with an enemy attacker.


The Defense pressed: "history of the martyr Sayed Mustafa badreddin Al to tell us.


Not more than one day a week that I and the martyr Sayed Mustafa, after concluding that it was the Israeli army invaded Lebanon. The martyr Sayed Mustafa, along with 4 or 5 of your friends to the khldeh area in southern Beirut, where Israeli army first tried to enter the city of Beirut from there, they went with the same number of small resistance against Zionist aggressor forces,.

During the battle of khldeh, the martyr Sayed Mustafa area in one of the houses in the battle pitched with a wounded toe area of the Zionist military. He caught up with his testimony, this damage.


One year after the beginning of the activities in the resistance movement against the Zionist regime, Syed Mustafa travel to Kuwait but there by the Government of that country to be arrested. The Government of Kuwait was going to execute him because of it, but he was sentenced to imprisonment. 7 years after Saddam's capture by Sayed Mustafa, to Kuwait.


Syed Mustafa by using the position could come secretly to escape from Kuwait to Iran and then to return to Lebanon from Iran. Sometime after returning to Lebanon, he Sayed as one of the senior officials of the Islamic resistance-operational security in southern Lebanon. At the same time, the 16-day war, the Israeli army year 1996 (known as the "war of Wrath" clusters) against Lebanon began.


During one of the operations against the army of the Zionist regime, the Islamic resistance forces were occupying a number of Zionist military bodies to take the trophy. The Israeli army took the decision to negotiate; but since the Islamic resistance will not directly negotiate, Germany accepts that mediation between Israel and the Hezbollah in the attack.

Shahid Syed Mustafa is also in these negotiations. The result of these negotiations, a large number of Palestinian prisoners, especially the Arabs, were released. After the release of prisoners, to meet them, went to their freedom to congratulate them. One of the brothers, a Lebanese who was a friend, "said Sayed Mustafa Syed to see I did!». When I spoke to my brother heard laughed her, which initially did not know anybody who plays in his release from prison, was Sayed Mustafa. Then he plays a prisoner Exchange-aware operations SYD.


Zionists after the adventure said: "we are with someone very smart and nimble [on the Lebanese side] talks."


Then, with the help of security forces and the Islamic resistance perseverance could have a large number of Zionist regime spying networks in Lebanon identified and destroyed.


When the events of Syria came up, Hezbollah's Islamic resistance between Summit meetings and held up about the presence of Islamic resistance in the country to put an end to the civil war and to defend the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) and the Shiite areas of the country-dweller, the decision to be taken. Finally decided to attend the Islamic resistance in Syria.

Sayed Mustafa, after this decision, met with Sayed Hassan Nasrallah and his full readiness for the presence in Syria. He, as Syed Hassan announced at the ceremony, the senior Islamic resistance forces in charge of the Syrian front and for 5 years, from the time the Hezbollah presence in Syria until the day martyrdom, for this position.


Concurrent with these actions, Iraq also went up while investigating the situation [after attending was daesh] forces in the fight against terrorists hashd al shabi help. In addition, the transfer of military forces fighting experience, reform is also part of things was that martyr Syed Mustafa.


Defense press: in the case of a family experience with Shahid Syed Mustafa to explain for us.


In the case of myself just to say the words that I shall confine God because with this great man, I'm really thankful lives. As Haj Qasem Soleimani at the commemoration ceremony in Tehran, Shahid told us, was a unique man, Sayed Mustafa.

Me and my family

because of the security conditions, Syed, kept the House passed to other houses. Although such a situation of mental and emotional opinion, especially for the children of a family is not acceptable, but my children never use this situation not only did not complain, but even my little girl always said: "it is important that the father of the situation well."


I recall that many years ago when my little girl was 5 or 6 years more, to go to school because of security conditions had him walk and ride between multiple machines. When the back of the school, was very tired and confused or annoyed.


When I saw this situation, he said: "let Daddy come together, the next thought to solve this problem." but my daughter replied, "no, lest Santa, I don't have a problem and it is important that everything is good for Dad!".

Syed with being in the military is very strong and tough human issues, it was wonderful with the kids was kind and was able the hardness and softness of your in the right place to work. On the other hand, tending to our SYD to the status that was even from inside the front and back of the phone time to housework.

Despite this slight time that Sayed Mustafa in the home to take over but this time it really was helpful for everyone.


When my daughter got married, for this was the 1950s, which went to the House he and his wife for the groom and his family the right problem, not much to it. All the times that Seyyed dkhterman home and her husband, is less than the number of fingers of both hands.


In one of the visit that we had with the groom Sayed, told him: "never look out in the world without a smile! » damadem after the martyrdom of s. told me:" little opportunity to meet with Syed came up for me but a lot of things from him in every meeting I learned. "after we groom Testimony of s., began to serve the people, and the Chapel and mosque construction and benefit of all these things to SID.


The Defense presses: when hearing the news of the martyrdom of s., how you react?

Syed testified before two days after the meeting, call me. I was at home the night of the testimony and I sent our family before the Haj Imad (Imad Haj Sayed Mustafa martyr sister-wife) of adventure have been notified.


At the same time my son home with his aunt call her aunt lives to seek. As soon as the call is established, the sound of crying within the home from the back of the phone to hear and understand happened. We could guess that "Mustafa Haj Imad mughniyah" son, that perseverance is the Islamic resistance, to testify.

The outside of the House and quickly towards the House of Haj Imad went but when we got there, we saw that people have gathered. As soon as we see it, the width of the condolences, and I realized that SID to testify.


At this time, the only thing I got was that I said: ' Lord I wait u cum over and give up. "and as Hazrat Zainab (SA) of the God wanted his victim, namely that of Imam Hussein (As), I also accept the same from God about SID. The Lord is also proud to be the sacrifice that he Sayed to defend the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA).


The Defense presses: as the last question, what message to Iranian Muslim women?


Can only say that I am the envy of the Iranian women and Iranian women's active role in the community, I hope, to all the Muslim countries are expanding. The mobility of women in Iranian society, is something that we have from the day the beginning of the Islamic revolution up to today, we have seen it and it's the same pattern of "not East, not West.


I hope the Lord of our life, especially me and my children, and the life of the leader of the Islamic revolution, he can add to the flag of the Islamic revolution Imam Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH).

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