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Falahat pishe in dialogue with defapress:
An Islamic Revolutionary parliament spokesman said that the Islamic Revolutionary trounce of the ISIL Takfiri group and to rub the muzzle of world arrogance and said: "It must be noted that the enemies of Islam will never retreat with this defeat and will re-seek new hostilitie.
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Publish Date: 30November 2017 - 15:00

America's support for ISIL continues A spokesman for the Islamic revolution, the Parliament said that the Taliban Islamic Group revolution daesh and put an end to the pod world pride, said: "it should be noted that the enemies of Islam with this defeat will not retreat and will never again be looking for new hostilities. The support of the United States of continuing daesh h. faht Villa, in an interview with the domestic news by leveraging a member of the National Security Committee and the representative of the people of Islamabad-the West and the Advisory Parliament dalahu, Interfax said that the lost daesh deception daesh from Iraq and Syria is meant to put an end to the crimes of this terrorist group is not takfiri, when it can be easily said that this generation vahabi without any sign of the missing. Of thought and belief of this group in every corner of the world.

He added: after a heavy defeat in front of resistance, the Group daesh criminal terrorist actions can do. The recent attack in Egypt, and the death of a number of daesh people, evidence of this claim The Parliament noted that the failure of izil to eliminate slice of pride the world and said: this is a great victory by Muslim warriors, the cause of happiness to all Muslims. But the enemies of Islam should be noted that this never fail they will sit down again, they are looking for a new pride for hostility.

He was referring to us support of the terrorist group ISIS continues, he said, the Governments of the United States in his head and hejmonic nothing but violence, war and repression do?

Falahat-پیه said that the support of America daesh continues, pointed out: the American هژمونیک countries and their heads, unless something other than violence and sedition does not exist?

He added: in the last six years, he commits crimes in Iraq and Syria that was historic, but nothing. Today, they are in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia map.

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