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TEHRAN (defapress) – A joint team comprising diplomats from UK, Germany and France are reported to travel to Washington this week to pressure US President Trump into preserving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
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Europeans to pressure US into preserving JCPOAAccording to CNN, the UK, Germany and France have organized a joint team of senior diplomats to travel to Washington this week in order to set up their own meetings to keep the landmark Iran nuclear intact in the face of US hostile policies.

The visit comes at the Europeans’ own initiative, without being invited by Washington. The team will meet with members of Congress, the State Department and possibly at the White House on Thursday and Friday, CNN quotes a senior diplomatic source from one of the participating countries as saying.

The visit aims to ramp up pressure on US President Donald Trump, who has declared his wish to nullify or change the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Key European figures, including the EU foreign policy chief and UK foreign secretary, have been resolute in safeguarding the agreement despite Trump’s threats to cancel it.

On Nov. 21, Helga Schmid, Deputy to the EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, headed an EU delegation to Iran to hold talks with Iranian officials on progress and prospects in civil nuclear cooperation between the two sides.

During the conference, Schmid confirmed Iran’s compliance with its nuclear-related commitments, dismissing any possibility of renegotiation on Iran’s nuclear agreement.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Nov. 13 that he agreed with the foreign ministers of France, the United Kingdom as well as with top EU diplomat Federica Mogherini that the nuclear deal reached in 2015 should be maintained.


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