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Admiral khanzadi in conversation with Defapress;
Army navy commandant said: Nadaja has escorted 4,200 commercial ships and oil tankers.
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Publish Date: 26November 2017 - 12:25

Escort 4200 Commercial ships and Oil tankers by the NavyThe Commander of the Navy said commercial ships and ndaja, 4200 to accompany oil tankers.

4200 escort merchant ships and oil tanks by the Navy. Admiral Hussein, Commander khanzadi of the Navy, in an interview with reporter security Defafress security, noting that the Navy should be held liable for a charge of seas, the Navy said in the presence of strong seas. With commercial ships and escort 4200 and oil tankers away.

Pointing to the ability of the defense industry ndaja industry experts said all the equipment produced by very young experts specializing in inside.

Admiral khanzadi noted: our effort is focused on the planning and the command of Imam Khomeini's ideals and total command of the force of motion.
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