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Hanizade in an interview with DefaPress:
An expert on Western issues, with an emphasis on the next important victory in Syria in the next two months, said that the result of the Summit, Israel and the United States kick off embarrassed Germany Saudi Arabia will make neutral
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Publish Date: 22November 2017 - 22:25

Syria celebrates major victory in Syria for next 2 months / Sochi Summit disrupts evil-centered movesSyria is an important victory celebration in Syria for the next 2 months’ catches/Sochi Summit dispute disrupt the aggressor's movements, Hasan, an expert on Central Asian Affairs of the international headquarters of the interview with the press on the crisis of Western Syria, the Americans, Zionists and Arabia from its use all taxes De, military and media resources to cut off Tehran, Damascus and Beirut, and eliminate the resistance axis in the region of Western Asia.

Middle Asian Affairs expert with the emphasis on being 130 terrorist group during the past six years by Americans, Israelis and Arabia in the region has been continued up one of these terrorist groups daesh is said to be more than 40 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia. The terrorist group is putting in place new conditions in the region; by clearing of Iraq and Syria, and the triangle plan daesh (USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel) failed terribly.


He also stated: thus, a new phase of Bahrain by Arab and Palestinian regimes the rebound under the leadership of the United States and Israel is formed; the resignation of the Prime Minister of Lebanon Congress (with a pressure of Arabia) and the recent meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo this crisis as a new stage Defined.

hani zadeh with reference to the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League recently summoned in said that while Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon and Syria in opposition to the Iranian consultants with have gone to Syria, Syria daesh, some Arab Foreign Ministers, Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and have the candidate who Many of the martyrs of the struggle against Islam as daesh NET has been convicted of corruption, operating in the region. All these are due to the anger of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States of the victory in the region have gained strength.


A Western expert on Western issues, with emphasis on the American West, though, Arabia and the Zionists are trying to reduce the importance of the victory of the resistance to the axis are daesh, said they will try to win this history in the area with the help of this message, the leaders of the General Soleimani, Islamic revolution leader, b. E never appears by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel, not pussy.

He said that regional developments in this field would be helpful for the axis of resistance, Syria also has another great win for two months in response to the question as to how future developments in the case of ISIS by virtue of winning the region will celebrate. But it should not be overlooked because of the Americans, and Israelis try to pass UN Security Council plan against Iran and Hezbollah's approval. They are trying to make the Security Council members to put Hezbollah in the UN-7 match. The new stage of Saudi Arabia will be dangerous.


hanizadeh at the end of meeting Suu Kyi reminded that experience has proven to win the field always leaks will affect exit. In fact, the Syrian Government opposition groups eventually results in the side of the Syrian Government that political activity based on the facts and accept the conditions of the field. Israel and the United States, eventually meeting the actions of Saudi Arabia will make neutral.

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