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We are ready to cooperate with the media to cover the light of the "Road to Noor" media / media to promote security in the community
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Publish Date: 01November 2017 - 22:36

Sardar Kargar in a talk with Defense Press:Head of the Foundation for the Preservation of Works and Publishing the Sacred Defense Values, referring to the formation of the Rahan-Noor media center, said the camp is ready to cooperate with the media, and we are ready to provide the media with a view to covering the news of the great cultural milieu.

Sardar Brigadier Basiji, Bahman Kargar, Head of the Foundation for the Preservation of Works and Publishing of the Values ​​of the Holy Defense and the Head of the Central Headquarters of the Road to the Light of the Country, attended the stand of the Holy Defense News Agency at the 23rd Exhibition of Press and News Agencies in an interview with the epic reporter and the JihadDefense Forces , The role of the media in today's world is so dull that people can not live without media. People need to communicate and interact with the media, and the media are in the lifestyle of people.

He added: "Cyberspace and social networks that are audience-oriented, have made the role of the media in people's lives more prominent than before, and in other words, today every human being is a media.

Sardar Kargar pointed out the difference and diversity of today's media: in the past there were only radio, television and the press, but with the advancement of technology and Internet development, today, we are witnessing the diversity and diversity of the media in the society, and so the definition of the media has changed Is.

"All of this shows that more efforts are needed on the media, and that the media community needs to pay close attention to" conscience "and" honesty "in their activities, the head of the Foundation for the Protection of Works and the Publishing of the Holy Defense Values ​​said.

He further pointed to the rapid dissemination of news on social networks and cybernetics: "It is necessary for the media and all those who use the media to pay attention to the publication of the content, and the need for this precision is" having conscience. "

Sardar-e Kargar, emphasizing that the media should not publish any material, said: Due to the wide variety of media, today there are media outlets for each stratum. The media should promote the sense of security in society with careful publication. More than 50% of the senses are made by the media.

The head of the Foundation for the Protection of Works and the Publishing of the values ​​of the Holy Defense said that the media could publish news in a way that would inform or publish in such a way as to cause disturbing public opinion; therefore, the media community has a heavy responsibility.

He also emphasized the need to preserve the dignity of the media by the media and said: "Unfortunately, it is sometimes seen that the individual's dignity is blamed on the pretext of telling the truth, and then they say that this is based on honesty; if not at all, and entering into life Private people are by no means correct. If we criticize the individual and the responsible manager in the management discussion, we should criticize it in the same area of ​​management, rather than entering private lives.It's very unfortunate to talk about the relationship between a boy's son or a girl's face in the media.The media should seek to develop the country.

Head of the Central Headquarters of the Road to the Light of the State said: "In the light of the Road to Light, there is a media base that is ready to work with the media on this issue, and we are also ready to provide media coverage to cover the huge cultural milieu of the light.

He also said that Rahayn-e-Noor is one of the miracles of the Islamic Revolution, and last year more than 6 million Holocaust reminders visited the operational areas of the south, west and northwest of the country, with 80 percent of those between 15 and 30 years old.

Sardar  Kargar referred to the light as an ocean with a great depth and wide level of education and said: "Road to light is like a sacred defense full of moral and human teachings, and in the light of all the guilds and strata there are actors and actors.

The head of the central headquarters of the Rahayn Light of the country  concluded: People are attracted by the love and passion in the light of the way that these people are different and diverse; therefore, the media can use this space well and produce content.

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