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The purpose of the separation of Kurdistan was to create the second version of the Zionist regime / Shabbi's descendant belonging to the Iraqi people.
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Publish Date: 31October 2017 - 10:53

Director of Al-Nakhil News Agency in a conversation with DefaPress:Mohammad Ali Hakim first unveiled a plan for US and Israeli military intervention in favor of Barzani forces in Karkuk.

Mohammad Ali Hakim, director of the Al-Nakhil news agency, attended the 23rd press conference in the booth of the Holy Defense News Agency, in response to a question from apress reporter on the unclear details of the Kurdish separatist case in Iraq, stated: "For the first time, I say that The United States wanted to engage Kurdish forces and the Iraqi army in Karkuk.

The wicked was about the details of the battle, said the clash was to take about a week and then US, Israeli and allied forces, in the form of the United Nations "hat" forces (based in Lebanon) on the pretext of preventing the continued involvement of Karkuk And shortly after Kurdistan's independence and the establishment of Israel's second in the region.

The Iraqi analyst described the referendum as "an American-Israeli plan for the transformation of the region," and said that Massoud Barzani's fate is that after the treachery of the Iraqi people, he once put Saddam Hussein's head in jail cells.

Hakim pointed to the ending of ISIL in Iraq by the current position of the group in Iraq and said that there is now only one percent of ISIL forces on Iraqi soil. The main problem for the US and the West is that ISIL, designed by the West and Israel to hit the resistance axis, will enter France, Britain and other Western countries after spreading in Africa.

At the same time, however, he stressed that the main concern now is the emergence of an Iraqi tactical Islamic opposition.

The director of the Al-Nakhil news agency, referring to US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson's remarks on Shabbi's extinction and claiming the foreign presence of the force, noted: "The Iraqi armed forces, especially the Shabbi forces, who defend our dignity, our soil and honor, are all rooted They are Iraqis, feast of Tigris and Euphrates water, and if people are to be returned to somewhere, these are not armed and armed forces, but Rex Tilerson and American and Western troops who must return to their countries.

Saying that the United States, while rejecting democracy in a state like the Saudi regime, says that the only election held in Saudi Arabia is the election of one from each of the Hijaz tribes to assassinate the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the night that Imam Ali (PBUH) drove in bed instead of him until he migrates to Medina. In the past 13 years, nearly 20 elections have been held in Iraq.

Director of the Al-Nakhil News Agency of Iraq at the end pointed to some pseudo-defections about the Iraqi prime minister, adding that Haidar al-Abbadi is a very politician and intelligent man.During various trips and visits to prominent regional and international figures, he made a remarkable acceptance of Iraq in the eyes of politicians and regional and international leaders.


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