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Cinemas gave their religion to holy defense cinema / National and International Fajr Film Festival continues to be held separately.
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Publish Date: 29October 2017 - 12:22

23 Press Exhibition 40 / tabesh in an interview with Defa Press:Managing director of Farabi Cinema Foundation said: "Resistance cinema is a strategic cultural point of the country, and Farabi Foundation is active in the presence of artists and cinematographers in this field, we will produce valuable works.

Alireza Tabesh, director of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, attended the 23rd edition of the press at the booth of the Holy Defense News Agency, in an interview with the reporter of the Arts and Culture Press , about the need to pay attention to the cinematic sacred defense and resistance, said: Iranian filmmakers and cinema They gave themselves to the holy defense cinema, and a major part of the representation of the resistance of the Iranian people by the cinema was made in various formats.

 Tabesh added, "I am delighted that cinema artists have taken a part in the cultural burden of transferring the values ​​of the sacred defense, which is appreciated.

"Even today, when it comes to the shrine's defenders, we see that institutions and cinematic figures are sensitive and plan for it," he said. Sacred Defense, in my opinion, is one of the strategic issues in the country's cinema.

Tabriz added: Farabi's Cinema Foundation has been supporting the construction of cinematic works on the sacred defense and the Islamic Revolution and some of the less visible aspects of Iran's defense and resistance and stability, and this year we also have several works in this area that are in different stages There is a production that we hope will be of interest to the people, especially the younger generation who needs this cultural content.

Managing director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, referring to the need to pay attention to the issue of shrine  defenders, explained that we have been screening the shrine's advocates whose work on the cinema of resistance at Farabi Cinema Foundation is under review. This team is composed of cultural officials and cinematographers in this field, and we have achieved good results.

He continued on the work of the team: In the Cinema of Resistance in Two Dimensions, the topics of the cinema of resistance are examined. One dimension is the screenplay we get, which is based on the priorities that are being evaluated and how they are supported. The second dimension is the discussion of resistance cinema as a strategic issue for the country and the national cinema. The issues to be addressed in the field of resistance and the equipment that the holy defense cinema needs is discussed.

The director of the Farabi Foundation added: "In the field of adaptation cinema and the support of writers of the Holy Defense Literature, two works are on the agenda. One is an animated cinema and the other is a narrative cinema that is being written and turned into a script for production.

Alireza Tabesh, in the end, said about the lack of separation of the national and international film section of Fajr: "The view of the separation of the national and international section of the Fajr film from the very beginning has had many opponents and supporters. At the moment, the decision of the cinema organization is still on the current situation, the national and international section of Fajr will be held separately. I hope that this separation eventually ends in favor of Iran's valuable cinema. Everyone should move in the same direction so that the thirty sixth festival of the Fajr Film Festival will be fruitful and fruitful.

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