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Martyr Miredosti's sister in a conversation with the Defa Press:
Mirdusty said that the martyr Mohsen Hojaji introduced the shrines defense to the world through the media through the media, and left the martyrs and their families out of the oppression.
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Publish Date: 23October 2017 - 21:34

According to defapress reporter: On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of the epic  mirdousty reporter MH and Jihad to defend the press interview with sister mirdousty goddess side of this martyr's shrine is the result of paid defender of this dialogue:

mirdousty goddess with martyr stating "m. hojaji" martyrs shrine advocate through the media of the world, stated: in the early years of the shrine and the testimony of its defenders deployed, in order to make the people of little information of the Mission of these people and were also based on the rhetoric of the enemies, and neglect of the idiom Compared to the families of the martyrs. After the martyrdom ofhojaji, and his testimony, how to become a media sheet back and people found that when someone for the sake of the money has gone to Syria, with stamina and flourishing, not against the enemy until the last drop of blood and not stands. People also found that the forces are what atrocity daesh.

There is no difference between the martyrs of Fatemiuon and Iran / Martyr Hojaji showed the oppression of the shrine's defenders to the world.

He added: the families of the martyrs, including sisters and brothers also has a significant role to play in the introduction of today's generation of martyrs. Shakaram that the people of Iran today is well found that the defenders did a great shrine of sacrifice and of its attachment to the premiere because of reaching the goal.

Martyr mirdousty sister said: I remember the days when some people for information of the causes of the presence of the defenders of the shrine in Syria, we quibble. Someday in a collective, of martyrs and I my brother that all of a sudden faced with aggression and disrespect a woman. He even took me to skhreh tent. To bring up the issues of Syria and sometime or talk about panic, martyrs shrine in Defender. But today, the people of shahkaram the Mission of the defenders were aware of the shrine and more respect for the martyrs ' families especially parents that are discriminate.

sister continued: the ladies of their spouse and children are today asking that to defend Islam and the holy shrines are Syria and Iran, Hezbollah Al-this is a good sign.

Pointing to the oppressed martyrs ' family said: the family shrine of Defender hojjatiyeh martyrs shrine were outside the realm of Defender but also from the family of martyrs before the more tractable hojjatiyeh were oppressed. They do not return to their own country and cannot have decent conditions for living in Iran and this is a worrying issue. This is while all defenders of the shrine with a target leaves for Syria. There is no difference between the Iranian martyrs, Afghans and Pakistanis.

Sister acknowledged: the Pakistani in terms of Afghans and martyrs ' family camp  the lowest possibilities. Those who know do not have money for travel and no organ is also supportive in regard to this matter. A mother of a martyr defending the shrine sometimes calls me hojjatiyeh bleak that cannot be children to a short trip or the city of Qom.

Martyr sister said: Ms know that Afghans living in Iran. Her two children in Syria were to testify. The configuration of one of the missing. Another son, Mrs. also in Syria as the defender of the shrine. His wife is also a year ago to the mercy of God. This lady in a small house with his other children and grandchildren difficult life. A family of martyrs and their testimony towards hojjatiyeh woes and not even requested.

Pointing to the update service and meet the families of the martyrs during the past years, said the group consists of 70 people from the spontaneous people and families of martyrs form. Visit the martyrs ' families went to the invalid commodity basket and hojjatiyeh groups and gifts they can '. But while that is a no, no. a month onwaiter called "the Mahdi (PBUH) is put at our disposal in order to send a 300 to help families of the martyrs and carry out cultural activities form. No this of the month I thank that share this with Hasina, our activities further.

she continued: one of the brothers martyrs shrine Defender hojjatiyeh contacted me and stated that for being the father of ageing in Afghanistan, is the Foundation for the cost of holding a memorial service, his brother does not pay. This is the brother of the martyr of the financial problem, and said that his brother fell asleep and has requested that a memorial ceremony was held long. By the grace of God was found; and the cost of the ceremony. Our group, including brothers and sisters also help to this memorial service be held martyr Honorable best.

He said his future plans regarding: I consider the Group of families of the martyrs of hojjatiyeh cost five dollars to pilgrimage shrine of Hazrat masoomeh (SA). To run this program requires a good institutional support or am I to put at our disposal a streetcar until today I find I could sponsor.

There is no difference between the martyrs of Fatemiuon and Iran / Martyr Hojaji showed the oppression of the shrine's defenders to the world.

Martyr sister to prepare and run the teachers value for the introduction of a reference and title defender of the martyrs shrine: attempt last month a group of actors, a few value we run theatre that not that were promised, these artists are not paid. Some sarcastically as I say that with a tent can activity in the theater. In response, these people say that with effort and endurance more than before, the cultural and religious activities to continue and martyrs of the sacred defense and defenders of the shrine in the form of theatre to the people I represent.

He in the end to the memories of the day of the funeral to pay his martyrand brother said the mother of a martyr "Brigade of martyrs" zolfi find that the narrative of my brother: a few days ago, sees her son's sleep. In his sleep, and rush says that my mother should I go home I arrange my guest because a SID. The magnitude of any mother who insisted on sleeping beside him, the more the martyr zolfi. This is the mother of the martyr when I wake up, goes to heaven, but no news of Zahra. A few days later while my brother's gravestone; martyr zolfi mother asked who is buried here? The answer that a martyr defending the shrine. The mother continues as to whether this is martyring Sayed It is a positive response.

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