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Amir Hatami:
countries in the region. Minister of Defense and armed forces logistics with reference to opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran with the secession in Iraq and the country's borders on the basis of eating together is a wrong move, said the flow of separatism in Iraq harmful to regional security.
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Publish Date: 13October 2017 - 11:15

The Corps is the most powerful anti-terrorist organization/The boycott of the Revolutionary Guards will be at the disadvantage of the United StatesAccording to the Defense Department's Defense Security press, Defense Minister attended the inauguration ceremony of the successor to Gen. Amir Amir Hatami, Minister of Defense and logistics Coordinator and deputies would support the General staff of the armed forces, the police, the Deputy Commander of the successor to the logistics support for the army of the Islamic Republic, the heads of religious organizations Political and Information Protection Department of Defense, the Defense Secretary and top managers of subsidiary industries and Ministry of defense organization.

Minister of Defense and armed forces logistics in the event by stating that Imam Hussain (a.s.) with their uprising seeking to revive the culture of pure classical and Islam Mohammadi (PS) and the clear distortion of religion and heresy زنگارهای were jdshan, stated: today the rituals of mourning Imam Hossein (as) is the largest and first CD Way of expressing this is Islam.

The Defense Minister said: people, society and culture of the country they need to hold a mourning ceremony are mourning Imam Hussein (A.S) and Fellowship of the faithfull best practices and strategy for the revival of the famous duty applies to disputes in the Islamic society.

Hatami was referring to a magnificent funeral procession statues of the martyr hojaji stressed: the authorities are always prominent martyrs and people that are velayatmadar our discerning and in a timely manner in all the scenes magnificent presence and we are in the last days over this move, insight, and we need to look Because in a very sensitive situation in the world and the region.

The Secretary added: "this is a very sensitive situation, understand the different interpretations and that the most profound interpretation of shining and about the conditions of the country's supreme leader today commented that" today we put in a historical twist.

Hatami said: in this sensitive age, speed, complexity, and objectives of high and very diverse developments and of the requirements of sensitive conditions encountered with this upgrade, maintain and develop inner capabilities and functionality.

He added: the defensive approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been active on deterrence and not be passive in the face of enemies and was unaware if it has the capability and the ability of the community and we are the generation of today and tomorrow by the enemies to ruin society.

The Defense Minister said the Islamic Republic of Iran, the strategy of peace, stability, tranquility, comfort and security for all countries in the region and this is a sublime goal to the Islamic Republic, which is of course with the goal of global conflict is quite arrogance and enemies because they are your goal in instability and insecurity of the region.


He reiterated: we have certainty that victory with the flow resistance, and the right to justice as a divine promise and will be definitely doable researcher.

Minister of Defense and vigilance is necessary to win this active brkhood with the center of the crisis and insecurity and added: "with the observation and monitoring of the regional developments should not be allowed a conspiracy formed to ask a very exorbitant costs with its deal and deal with.

He is the official stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in cooperation with all the countries in the region outlined and said all countries of the region with all there and sincerely to create peace, stability and security, cooperation.
Successful examples of this cooperation in Hatami flow of Syria and Iraq, stating and continued cooperation from Iran, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Russia was a good result and thank God today a significant portion of the flow of terrorist takfiri and his last breath.

The Defense Minister pointed out that any move against peace and stability are highly related, stressed: don't let the opposite movement of cooperation countries in the region.

He was with an emphasis on this issue is that the Islamic Republic of Iran with the secession in Iraq and opposed the country's borders to eat, said the flow of secession as harmful to regional security in Iraq know to maintain territorial integrity and stability, and in the aftermath of the countries in the region are today that no effort Make sure the malware has taken shape with the country in order to deal with this kind of momentum of broader cooperation.

The Secretary added: "Bella dudes trying to parse the coin on the other countries in the region, and this move of the same terrorism feeding that to organize the flow of terrorism takfiri, support.

Hatami said executives and agents of the secession in Iraq know the American and the Zionist regime on the ground sure to play because the countries of the region to peace, security and stability of need and every move contrary to the demands of the people will be condemned to failure of countries in the region.

He is the purpose of setting up the event to the appointment of the successor to the Minister and added: "Indeed, the successor to the Ministry of Defense on the run, organize and supervise the program has formulated the basic role and a lot of effort was the successor to the great family of the Secretary within the Ministry of Defense and the best option is selected.

Hatami at the end with an emphasis on this issue that the Ministry of defense and Treasury of valuable human resources specialist, added: many managers were able to serve in the successor to the Ministry of defense but with check that was done, general taghizadeh for this sensitive responsibility to choose.

Pointing to a brilliant individual performance records, and he added: "We hope that with the help of this dear brother and a soldier of the Islamic regime's four-year program to be the best form of Defense Ministry Executive.
At the end of the ceremony, Brigadier General Qasem taghizadeh with Minister of Defense and appointed as the successor to the Ministry of defense was introduced.

General taghizadeh, as Director of the defense industries organization, the Ministry of defense duty.
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