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The official announcement for the assassination of senior commanders of the Islamic Resistance 2 people of the Lebanese army and the Central Intelligence Agency helpless (CIA) against the faith and tact of command Hezbollah.
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Publish Date: 13October 2017 - 10:17

The American attempt to assassinate the senior commanders of the Islamic resistance in LebanonThe massive win warriors Hezbollah against takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria, in addition to the increase in Islamic resistance preparation than any possible conflict with the Zionist regime, has caused the Government, "Donald Trump in a quite passively and caused weakness and, the name" Talal h. Mie "and" 2 of the senior commanders of the Lebanese Islamic resistance military advisors and Syed Hassan Nasrallah's official list of assassins called the" rewards for justice ".

Talal hamieh was one of the closest friends and co-fighters martyrs Imad mughniyah and Sayed Mustafa badreddin Al is now a place that belongs to the two guiding organization, that was a great martyr operations and foreign security in Lebanon, Hezbollah. Talal hamieh in 1958 in the middle of the road "tariya" in the city "Beirut-balbak» in the Bekaa province in northeastern Lebanon was born.


The Israeli army and attack NATO forces can be a turning point in the life of the Commander of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon in the first level. He, along with young people, such as Imad mughniyah, "Syed Mustafa badreddin al», «Samir motot», «vicomar», «r. Yassin» and many others, in the first days and months of resistance against the Zionist regime's army in occupied areas on the outskirts of Beirut and the southern region to deal with the Zionist military occupation.

Some analysts believe that the impact of the Haj Imad mughniyah in resistance movement launched against u.s. arrogance and occupation in different parts of the world, particularly in West Asia, far more of the Talal hamieh.


However the success of Hezbollah in large operations overseas in Iraq and Syria in recent years, with the guidance of commanders find such as Sayed Mustafa badreddin al, Talal hamieh, Fouad Ali and sugar came in love, show that the United States is well the senior commander of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and senior military Advisor Said Hasan Nasrallah is known and not because more than 20 years, is looking to find a trace of this Commander of the Warrior people of the outskirts of balbak.

The United States is not the only contender that Talal hamieh one of the people associated with decommissioning operations headquarters of the naval gun owners of America (marins) in 1983 in Lebanon, but he's one of the thoughtful brains relative to the center of the Jews Zionist attack in Argentina (Amiya) in the year 1994 is also considered.

Military intelligence apparatus and the Zionist regime as well as the thoughtful brains relative Talal hamieh was one of the Islamic resistance in Iraq was established (the current hashd alshabi) at the time of the occupation of the country by the United States to account. CIA, Mossad, even more than in the case of Talal hamieh is speculation. Israeli intelligence officials, Talal opinion hamieh is responsible for forwarding all communications with core Hezbollah in Western Europe, South America, and all over Africa.


Syed f. sugar, is also one of the senior commanders of the Islamic resistance is that the early 60 establishments in the area, "Nabi Syed Shahid" hometown "Seth a. Mousavi and the former Secretary General of Hezbollah" in the northeast of the country. The first generation of sugar f. s. commanders of Islamic resistance in Lebanon is that of the beginning of the establishment of the Hezbollah movement, and in the great battles of history of Islamic resistance up to today.


  1. s. u.s. sugar is one of the original designers of marinz operations as that is now in the position of a member of the "Council of Hezbollah and a military Assistant to Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah serving the Islamic resistance.

the United States in dealing with the designs and actions of Islamic resistance against the coalition forces in the successful West-Hebrew-Arabic and the takfiri mercenaries are drawn to a place that is used to prevent the continuation of the victory of the Islamic resistance, the names of these two senior Islamic resistance Commander as dangerous factors for again The security of the United States and the world title and wants to achieve any kind of information on the implementation of the operations of the two assassins, in Exchange for an award totaling $12 million.


Interestingly, the translation of the poster designed to help identify and Trevor hamieh and sugar. The text of the information inserted in this poster to 5 in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Hebrew and even also translated. This is a good thread to show that the United States is about identifying the problem is partly that we, in this case, even on the English language and khodfarukhth elements help Arabs are also taken into account. Insert these phrases in Hebrew also represents the amount of information of the importance of achieving two of the United Jewish Israel all over the world.

Something that can be nice to have it confirmed, forgetting their American and Zionist friends. They have learned that the assassination "of s. a. Mousavi," Imad mughniyah "," fight "," Sheikh Ragheb Syed hasan Mustafa badreddin al», «Algheis», «Samir Kuntar», «r», «Yasin Saeed Ali fight ","Avali zib ","  "," dominant Mostafa amehz» and other Hezbollah commanders not only makes getting slower trains The resistance in the path of his struggle with Israel is not America's tyranny and accupation, but also on its stability and resistance against the enemies of Islam and Lebanon threats.

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