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Tag: Bahrain
Defa press reports;
Fate of the Islamic awakening
News ID: 66504   Publish Date: 2017/10/17

Sheikh Abdullah aldeghaq:
The Last Situation of Sheikh Isa Qassim /Kurdistan separation plot to divide region/America threw ISIL into Muslims
News ID: 66406   Publish Date: 2017/10/15

Hanizade in an interview with Defa Press:
Tramp has been angry with Iran's spiritual influence/Iran continues to fight terrorists /America becomes more isolated
News ID: 66399   Publish Date: 2017/10/14

Trump’s geography for sale to highest bidder
News ID: 66374   Publish Date: 2017/10/14

Rezaei urges Trump to recall 2016 Farsi Island incident
News ID: 66336   Publish Date: 2017/10/12

UN Blacklists Saudi-Led Military Coalition for Killing Yemeni Children
News ID: 66179   Publish Date: 2017/10/06

Friday cleric:
JCPOA remains non-renegotiable
News ID: 66172   Publish Date: 2017/10/06

Major General Safavid:
Without military support from Iran, Kurdistan region Barzani fell by daesh/integral military training/capacity is not the Israeli army for Iraq
News ID: 66149   Publish Date: 2017/10/04

FM Zarif:
Iran ready for long-term coop. with Qatar
News ID: 66122   Publish Date: 2017/10/03

Qatar Emir again Urges Dialogue, Trump Says Dispute to Be resolved Quickly
News ID: 65987   Publish Date: 2017/09/20

Iran FM Zarif Meets British, Swiss Counterparts in New York
News ID: 65979   Publish Date: 2017/09/19

Qatar Emir Due in Turkey for First Trip since Persian Gulf Crisis
News ID: 65934   Publish Date: 2017/09/14

Ayatollah Khamenei Urges Muslim Action against Myanmar Gov’t
News ID: 65913   Publish Date: 2017/09/12

Saudi Arabia Suspends Any Dialogue with Qatar
News ID: 65876   Publish Date: 2017/09/09

Tehran Ready to Cooperate with Riyadh to Resolve Muslims’ Problems
News ID: 65855   Publish Date: 2017/09/06

Iran Dismisses UN Human Rights Report as Politically-Motivated
News ID: 65823   Publish Date: 2017/09/03

Hajj Can Be Cure for Grave Maladies Muslim World Is Suffering From: Leader
News ID: 65781   Publish Date: 2017/08/31

Qatar’s Envoy Officially Resumes Activities in Iran
News ID: 65736   Publish Date: 2017/08/26

Qatar Says Five Suspects in News Agency Hacking Detained in Turkey
News ID: 65735   Publish Date: 2017/08/26

Iran Rejects Bahraini Allegations, Urges Manama to Abandon Failed Policies
News ID: 65717   Publish Date: 2017/08/25

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