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US Lawmakers Blast Trump as Israel Bars Door to Omar, Tlaib
that he "has consistently resisted peace efforts, restricted the freedom...
News ID: 78400   Publish Date: 2019/08/16

North Korea Rejects Further Peace Talks with South in Protest over Joint War Drills with US
speak of a peaceful economy or a peaceful regime, it...
News ID: 78399   Publish Date: 2019/08/16

Iran Immune to US Economic Terrorism
maintain peace and stability in the region zarif, who arrived...
News ID: 78383   Publish Date: 2019/08/13

A Letter to Donald Trump from An Iranian War Veteran
a peace activist, i would like to suggest to the... and diplomacy are war is not our purpose peace is... our mission peace is our philosophy in life, and you... tehran peace museum and academic board of the university of...
News ID: 78380   Publish Date: 2019/08/13

Iran Hails Nigerian Shiite Leader’s Departure for India
murder, culpable homicide, unlawful assembly, disruption of public peace and...
News ID: 78376   Publish Date: 2019/08/13

Zarif says foreign military coalition in PG to create insecurity
both countries are key players in establishing regional peace and...
News ID: 78374   Publish Date: 2019/08/12

Taliban-US Talks End without a Deal
of reaching a peace agreement but it could not happen,&rdquo... a lasting and honorable peace agreement and a sovereign afghanistan... heart as we strive for peace,&rdquo he said message end/...
News ID: 78369   Publish Date: 2019/08/12

In a phone call with Qatari Emir:
US actions further complicate regional issues: Pres. Rouhani
friendly countries for more peace and stability and development in...
News ID: 78364   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

In his Eid al-Adha message:
Rouhani calls on Islamic states to counter unilateralism, imperialism, terrorism
world, paving the way for further development of peace and...
News ID: 78362   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

Iran's Top Commander Urges India, Pakistan to Exercise Restraint
peace, friendship and serenity for both the pakistani and iranian... peaceful means amir abdollahian said that iran is &ldquo deeply... &ldquo we welcome peaceful means and dialogue for securing interests... regional partners, to use a peaceful approach and dialogue to...
News ID: 78352   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

Iranian President Voices Concern about Insecurities in Kashmir
their legal rights and interests and live in peace and...
News ID: 78351   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

North Korea Says Kim Supervised Weapons Tests, Criticizes Seoul
hurt efforts to stabilize peace on the korean peninsula and...
News ID: 78342   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

Iran’s Zarif:
US Concerned about Defeat in Diplomacy
we know that calling for dialog & peace is an...
News ID: 78340   Publish Date: 2019/08/11

Ayatollah Khamenei:
Deal of Century never to materialize
peace be upon his exalted, trustworthy messenger, muhammad the last...
News ID: 78336   Publish Date: 2019/08/10

North Korea Fires 2 Missiles into Sea in Likely Protest of Drills
the weapons tests don't help efforts to stabilize peace and...
News ID: 78333   Publish Date: 2019/08/10

Syria: US-Turkish Deal ‘Blatant Attack’ on Syria
threat to peace and stability in the area&rdquo , it...
News ID: 78321   Publish Date: 2019/08/09

Damascus Slams US-Turkey Safe Zone Deal as 'Blatant Attack' on Syria's Sovereignty
"a dangerous escalation and a threat to peace and stability"...
News ID: 78316   Publish Date: 2019/08/08

President Rouhani:
Iran Insists on Security of Strait of Hormuz
conflict in this region would carry harm to global peace...
News ID: 78307   Publish Date: 2019/08/07

Foreign Minister:
Venezuelan Government Plans to Continue Talks with Opposition
with the venezuelan opposition to guarantee peace and stability in...
News ID: 78305   Publish Date: 2019/08/07

Iran expects UN to stand against US’ ‘unlawful’ sanctions on FM Zarif
greatest achievements of humanity to preserve and uphold peace and... to endanger international stability and peaceful co-existence of nations thus,...
News ID: 78301   Publish Date: 2019/08/07

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