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Tag: Celebrates
Iran Celebrates National Army Day
News ID: 76882   Publish Date: 2019/04/18

Iran Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution
News ID: 75524   Publish Date: 2019/02/11

Iran 1st VP congratulates Qatar National Day
News ID: 74483   Publish Date: 2018/12/22

Iran, Qatar Serve Regional Peace
News ID: 74422   Publish Date: 2018/12/19

Iran Willing to Boost Ties with Algeria
News ID: 73428   Publish Date: 2018/11/01

Iranians Celebrate Eid al-Fitr
News ID: 70752   Publish Date: 2018/06/15

Iran’s Top General Hopes for Lasting Peace in Muslim World
News ID: 70724   Publish Date: 2018/06/13

Iran Blasts Massacre of Palestinians by Israeli Regime
News ID: 70188   Publish Date: 2018/05/15

Iran’s Zarif congratulates nation on Iranian New Year
News ID: 69322   Publish Date: 2018/03/22

Iran President Hopes for Peace, Rapport in Nowruz Message to Regional States
News ID: 69314   Publish Date: 2018/03/21

Hanizade in an interview with DefaPress:
Syria celebrates major victory in Syria for next 2 months / Sochi Summit disrupts evil-centered moves
News ID: 67103   Publish Date: 2017/11/22

Iran Eager to Broaden Ties with Algeria
News ID: 66800   Publish Date: 2017/11/01

Iran Celebrates Sacred Defense Week with Nationwide Parades
News ID: 66009   Publish Date: 2017/09/22

Rouhani felicitates Venezuela Independence Day
News ID: 65259   Publish Date: 2017/07/05

Iran’s Top General Urges Muslim Unity in Eid Message
News ID: 65213   Publish Date: 2017/06/25

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