Hamas Slams Trump over Al-Quds Remarks

Hamas Slams Trump over Al-Quds RemarksTEHRAN (Defapress) – "There should be a firm and strict Palestinian response like withdrawing the recognition of Israel, canceling the security partnership and severing all contacts and ties with the US administration," said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, Indo-Asian News Service reported.

Addressing his supporters in the United States on Tuesday, Trump claimed the embassy move had eased future negotiations.

"If there's ever going to be peace -- remember I said if -- with the Palestinians, it was a good thing to have done because we took it off the table, because every time there were peace talks they never got past Jerusalem," Trump said.

"And you know what, in the (future) negotiations Israel will have to pay a higher price because they won a very big thing," he added.

"Now (Jerusalem's) off the table, there is nothing to negotiate. But they (the Palestinians) will get something very good because it's their turn next," he further noted.

Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton also said that he hoped the Palestinian Authority would forget about the embassy relocation issue.

"As a dealmaker, as a bargainer, he would expect, you would expect, I would expect that the Palestinians would say 'ok, great, so we didn't get that one, now we want something else, and we'll see how it goes'," said Bolton.