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TEHRAN (defapress)- A US Army terrorist might have been killed in an attack by the Turkish troops in Northern Aleppo in late April amid continued clashes between the Turkish Army and the Kurdish fighters there, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.
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Publish Date: 04May 2019 - 22:53

US Soldier Likely Killed by Turkish Army in Late April OperationThe Kurdish-language Hawar News website reported that the Turkish Army and its allied militants launched artillery and missile attacks on the Kurdish military positions in the village of Samouqeh, al-Shahba Dam in Northern Aleppo which resulted in fierce clashes between the two sides.

Meantime, the SOHR also pointed to the Turkish army's continued attacks on Kurdish military positions in Northern Aleppo, and said there is a good chance that the Turkish Army has killed the US soldier near Aleppo on April 28.

The report went on to say that despite the US claims on the death of its soldiers in a shootout incident in Zourmaghar region in the surrounding areas of the city of Ain al-Arab (Kobani) in Northern Aleppo, the accusations are targeted at Turkey because the Turkish Army had attacked a military vehicle in the region on the same day when the US soldier lost his life.

In a relevant development in late April, reports from Afrin and A'azaz regions in Northern Aleppo said that heavy clashes had erupted between the Kurdish fighters and the Turkish army and its affiliated militants, adding that the Turkish army has pounded the Kurdish positions in Northern Aleppo with artillery fire.

The Kurdish fighters had penetrated into the military positions of the Ankara-backed militants after fierce clashes between the two sides in al-Bab region in Northeastern Aleppo, sources said.

The Kurdish fighters attacked the militants who are allies to the Turkish Army from al-Daghbash axis near the village of Abaleh West of al-Bab city in Northeastern Aleppo, sources affiliated to the Turkey-backed militants said.

The sources pointed to the penetration of Kurdish fighters into one of their military points in Abaleh village, and said that at least five Turkish Army soldiers were killed and several others were wounded in the Kurdish attack.

The SOHR, meantime, pointed to very fierce clashes between Kurdish fighters and Ankara-backed militants in Northeastern Aleppo, and said that both sides sustained casualties in the clashes.

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